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Press Releases

13 March, 2012

Treat Unwanted Scars And Blemishes For Under A Pound And Show Off That Beach Bod!

Everyone dreads that first moment when you're on holiday and you have to undress and no matter who or where you are it feels like everyone's eyes are staring at you. Now you can help beat that feeling of self-doubt with a lotion that helps improve the appearance of skin so much so even Angelina Jolie’s right leg would be jealous.

Most women think that the more you spend on a beauty product the better it must be but Rescue Lotion is here to set the record straight. Retailing at under a pound this lotion is aimed at any age and can help with a number of issues from dry, dehydrated skin to scars and blemishes to even helping reduce the appearance of aging skin, if this is not enough it also can be used as an after sun treatment.

Rescue Lotion is the latest product from Healthpoint Ltd whose sister product Rescue Oil has been in the market for many years and has its own loyal customer base. Located in Blackpool Healthpoints ethos is to provide top quality products at prices anyone can afford this is achieved by using word of mouth marketing instead of celebrity endorsements and advertising.

Rescue Lotion is an easy to apply, non-greasy lotion which specialist blend of natural oils help soothe and improve the appearance of skin and nails. Regular use will assist in restoring the skin's natural moisture balance and the rejuvenation of wrinkled, sagging skin. It is extremely effective on scar tissue, stretch marks and numerous other skin conditions. Rescue lotion is safe for all ages, during pregnancy and while lactating.

Whatever your age, sex or skin tone why not give this lotion a try after all its only 99p what do you have to lose? Find Rescue Lotion today at Poundland, Bodycare, 99p Stores and Poundworld.

23 February, 2011

Rescue Oil To Appear In ' Loose Women' Goody Bags.

 A host of top celebrities could soon become devotees of a product that has wowed beauty and grooming-conscious consumers nationwide - if they delve into their goody bag!

In the coming weeks, celebrities appearing on leading ITV daytime show, Loose Women, will find a bottle of Rescue Oil in their celebrity goody bags. This orange-coloured oil has rapidly become a must-have product in the bathroom cabinets of those who have seen amazing results when treating blemishes, scarring, stretch marks, open pores and signs of ageing.

Now, it could potentially become a darling product for celebrities such as pop princess Nicole Scherzinger, Gok Wan, Patsy Palmer, Jackie Collins, Gavin and Stacey actress, Joanna Page, Cheri Lunghi, Michael Ball, Michael Flatley and Wonderland, who are all booked to appear on the show during the next ten weeks.

All could use it for general skincare conditioning, whilst some – including the male celebrities – might want to use it for stretch marks, as it is a lesser known fact that men get stretch marks too, particularly if they body-build.

Rescue Oil is non-greasy and easily-absorbed and contains Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil, Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil. It soothes and improves the skin's appearance and, by applying it regularly to stretch marks or scars, the user can restore the skin's natural moisture balance and rejuvenate and smooth out sagging skin and wrinkles.

Its manufacturer and supplier, Healthpoint Limited, which has just launched a new website for Rescue Oil at due to its popularity, is delighted to have the beauty gem selected for the Loose Women goody bags.

Healthpoint director, Bob Seddon, says: “We are thrilled and think it's ironic that Gok Wan, of ‘How To Look Good Naked' fame is one of the recipients, as our product helps woman with stretch marks be less bashful in a bikini! If any of the celebrities want more of the product once they've tried it, we'd be happy to send it to them”.

Rescue Oil comes in three different bottle sizes and can be bought on the high street at retailers such as Savers, Bodycare, 99p Stores, Home Bargains, Wilkinson, Poundworld, B&M Bargains and Poundland, at Morrisons supermarkets and from independent pharmacies, or online at Amazon, Ebay or It ranges in price from £0.99 to £2.49, despite providing all the product benefits of competitive products priced at up to ten times more.


Healthpoint's Coming To The Rescue of Bikini Wearers

Leading beauty, pharmaceutical and toiletries solutions provider, Healthpoint, is rushing to the rescue of bikini wearers across Britain, by boosting the marketing behind one of its most loved products - Rescue Oil.

Rescue Oil is a must-have product for any woman worried about revealing unsightly stretch marks and scarring whilst on the beach, but is equally well-used by those wishing to prevent stretch marks, improve general skin condition, close pores, improve blemishes and enhance ageing and dry skin.

It is a little orange-coloured, non-greasy miracle worker containing Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil, Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil. It soothes and improves the appearance of the skin and is safe for all ages. Applying it regularly to stretch marks or scars restores the skin's natural moisture balance and gets to work on sagging skin, rejuvenating it and smoothing out any wrinkles.

These benefits are not lost on users, who have already given it fabulous testimonials and user reviews. These are being used within a PR campaign that is promoting its availability through leading high street stockists such as Morrisons, Home Bargains, Poundland, Savers, Wilkinson, Bodycare, B&M, Poundworld, Poundmart and 99p Stores.

The product retails at a price point that bikini babes will find hard to resist, the RRP being 99p for 40ml, £1.69 for 75ml and £2.49 for 150ml. At this price, product trial is an easy obstacle to overcome and once tested, the repeat sale is a virtual inevitability.

There is also a good profit margin for retailers and great opportunities for repeat sales, thanks to the multiple uses for the product.

Healthpoint's Bob Seddon says: "Rescue Oil is the answer to many women's prayers, but does not hit the purse hard. Once convinced of its benefits on one part of the body, women are tending to try it on other problem areas. Its reputation is spreading, thanks to word-of-mouth recommendation and we are sure that this, and the marketing effort we are putting behind it, will have women clamouring to find a stockist local to them".

Multiple Retailers wishing to stock Rescue Oil can buy direct from Healthpoint, if you are a single retailer or online seller please ask for our wholesaler list.

Rescue Your Bikini Look By Boxing Clever With A Real Bargain

Rescue your bikini look before your summer holidays with a product that has already earned top marks from many women across the country and which can turn you into a real beach babe over the next few months.

Rescue Oil is a must-have bottle for your body, if you have stretch marks or any scarring that makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Used prior to giving birth, it can also help prevent stretch marks. It is ideal for blemishes, ageing or dry skin, open pores, and for use as an after sun lotion, and has fabulous testimonials and user reviews.

Rescue Oil is a little orange-coloured miracle worker thanks to being a specialist blend of natural oils, containing Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil, Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil. It soothes and improves the appearance of the skin and is safe for all ages. Applying it regularly to your stretch marks or scars will restore the skin's natural moisture balance and get to work on sagging skin, rejuvenating it and smoothing out any wrinkles.

Although an oil, it is non-greasy and easily absorbed and can be used as a massage oil, or therapeutic bath oil, if desired. It has not only received much praise from users for its impact on stretch marks and scarring, but also for its tangible enhancement of general skin condition.

Rescue Oil is a little beauty, which comes in three different sizes: 40ml, 75ml and 150ml. Each size carries an impressively small price tag – of £0.99, £1.69 and £2.49 respectively, reflecting its manufacturer’s desire to charge for the product and its benefits, not brand advertising or elaborate packaging.

Get to work on your bikini look by bagging this fantastic product in a variety of high street stores, including Bodycare, Savers, B&M and Home Bargain, in Morrisons supermarkets (150ml) or direct online at Look out for the little orange coloured bottle in the clean white pack and box clever with your body this summer, so you don’t have to bottle the bikini!

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